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What is “Yes Weatherford?”

For more than twenty years, the “Yes Weatherford” initiatives have been designed to make Weatherford a more attractive place to live, work, and raise a family by making investments in city amenities, infrastructure, healthcare, wellness, and education.  The city has ongoing “Yes Weatherford” partnerships with SWOSU, the Weatherford Public Schools, and the Weatherford Regional Hospital.  The improvements have been funded by a series of temporary sales taxes that have been repeatedly and overwhelmingly approved by voters.


Why fund a family community center?

Weatherford now has a unique opportunity to leverage the proven expertise and partnership of the not-for-profit YMCA organization along with significant private capital to fund a city-owned family community center that will accomplish “Yes Weatherford” objectives by providing expanded healthy living, aquatics, and youth development opportunities for our community.


This will enhance the quality of life for all who are interested in health, wellness, and childcare.  Weatherford is already one of the few cities our size to have a YMCA and this partnership will continue to set us apart as the most forward-thinking city in western Oklahoma.


Will voting “YES” increase taxes?

Voting YES will NOT increase taxes.  This is a ten-year renewal of the existing half cent sales tax that was previously dedicated to the Lyle Road improvements.  That project is completely paid for and nearly complete.  Weatherford’s combined city, county and state sales tax rate will remain the same 9.5% that it has been since 2018, with 4.5% going to the City of Weatherford, 0.5% going to Custer County, and 4.5% going to the State of Oklahoma.


Why partner with the YMCA?

Our local YMCA is completing a merger with the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City (, which already has a track record of partnering with municipalities such as Edmond and Stillwater on facility management.  The City of Weatherford has already partnered with the YMCA for decades in a variety of ways, most notably management of the old city pool and splashpad.


There is a growing trend across the country of YMCAs partnering with municipalities to provide dynamic management of city-owned health, wellness, & aquatics centers.  This has proven to be a very successful model that builds community and enables the YMCA to fulfill its mission:  To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.


Where will the city-owned family community center be located?

The YMCA and City of Weatherford have commissioned an ongoing comprehensive study from national consulting firm Gro that will analyze several possible location options to determine the best long-term fit for Weatherford.  Gro is a national professional services firm that has consulted on more than 900 YMCAs across the country.


Possible options include a dramatic renovation and expansion of the existing YMCA property after being deeded to the City of Weatherford or completely new facilities located at Rader Park or Means Park.  A cost-benefit analysis of each site and the amount of combined public and private funding that is ultimately available will determine the final location decision.


How will the final planning decisions be made?

A Citizens Advisory Committee will be appointed to work in collaboration with the YMCA and Gro to determine the eventual location, architecture, design amenities and aquatics features of the family community center.  The advisory committee will make actionable recommendations to the Weatherford City Commission, which has final authority over the entire project.


How much will this project cost?

Depending upon the location decision and the design amenities and indoor/outdoor aquatics features that are ultimately selected, the current estimated cost of the project is at least $18,000,000.  The dedicated half cent sales tax is projected to raise $12,000,000 to $13,000,000 during the ten-year extension period.  After including currently confirmed donations that have been privately pledged, approximately $20,000,000 of combined public and private funding will initially be available for the project.


Who will be responsible for the ongoing operating costs of the facility?

As the lessee and operator of the family community center, the YMCA will be responsible for the regular and ordinary ongoing operating costs of the facility.  All staffing personnel will be YMCA employees.


Will YMCA membership be required to use the swimming pool or the facility?

No, YMCA membership will not be required.  While membership will be the most economical way to enjoy regular usage, non-members will be able to pay a day rate strictly for swimming pool usage or for access to the full facility.  This is consistent with the day rate charged at the old city pool and the practices of other municipalities that own fitness & aquatics facilities.


Is financial assistance available for those who cannot afford membership?

The YMCA will not turn anyone away due to inability to pay.  The Y’s financial assistance program ensures everyone can become a member and participate in Y programs.  Approval is based on income and the number of people in the household.

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